Pyromantiek is a professional company which has presented street theatre since 2004. The group stages shows and animations with fire and recently they have launched a new project: the Fire-installations. They bring to you circus, acrobatics, jugglery, theatre, but most of all their passion for flames and for romance.

Four artists and two technicians take care of the show down to the last detail as if their lives depend on it. And incidentally, that isn't too far from the truth !

The name Pyromantiek is a contraction of the two most important elements: Pyro, which means fire, and Romance, with which each and every member was born. No glitter and glamour, but tender performances in which not only the temperature makes you melt.

The most important aspect of this group is the special atmosphere that rules over each performance. It's a trademark which is typical of the group, and which is described in the classic fairytale book.